The Metal Pless adventure started in 1976 when Luc Vigneault was 26 years old and started a business in machining structures and machinery parts. He established his shop at 1683 Sucreries Blvd Plessisville, site at which occupied Laiterie Plessis owned by his father, Louis-Gilles Vigneault. Luc specialized in the fabrication of trailer hitches, cast iron ramps and green house structures. He soon decided to broaden his product line and invented an automatic hitch system for agricultural trailers. Soon after this came snow plows, graders, and rubber track sytems for tractors.

Business was going well and in 1979 a new factory was built in the industrial sector of Plessisville. This is where the structures where assembled and painted, while the machining of parts continued at the first factory. This first expansion allowed the company to increase once more its product line which were marketed back then under the name Machinerie M.P.

The 1981 recession caused the company to bring all its operations back to the initial site and to sell the new building in the Industrial sector. Bringing everything back to the initial site required many extensions to be built to the initial building between 1983-1998, the year a fire caused major damage to the building.

This tragedy did not stop the company to continue on it’s momentum that was fuelled since 1985 by the manufacturing of snow plows. In 2000, Jimmy Vigneault, Luc’s son, took over the business which in 2008 it had been operating under the name Metal Pless. The multiple innovations adopted over more than 40 years of experience has made Metal Pless a leader in snow plow manufacturing in North America.

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